Gamma Partners race to the Sun…on the inaugural GammaBall Rally

So here was the challenge set to Gamma staff and partners: Buy a car on ebay for less than £250. Meet at Bournemouth at 6.00am. Race down to a luxury villa in the Pyrenees for a weekend of fine dining and relaxation.

As part of an incentive to reward leading resellers of Gamma’s successful new Inbound service, the team met on a clear September morning to take part in the GammaBall Rally. A total of six cars were in the race plus support vehicle. Ranging from a Volvo estate with half a gear stick to a Honda Legend 3.5V6 where the doors wouldn’t open, it’s safe to report that the fleet of cars “had character”. Crossing the channel from Poole, the race began in Cherbourg and took the team through Nantes, Bordeaux and across to Perpignan, before starting the climb through the Pyrenees to a luxury villa in the village of St Laurent de Vendon.

Despite Abtec’s best efforts to win the race, they lost the lead to the Universal car 40 kms from the finish line. The winning car completed the dash through France in just over 8 hours. The final car arrived 5 hours later, having tested each and every restaurant south of Cherbourg ! All the cars arrived safely with no breakdowns, no speeding fines, and no loss of life !

Anthony Beard of Abtec commented “ This was such a great event . It’s always difficult to come up with an incentive trip that’s unique, but Gamma did it. The race was fun, the villa was superb and the company was excellent. If Gamma do it next year – we’ll win !”

John Haw, Sales Director at Gamma, and the inspiration behind the GammaBall Rally, said “We’re very pleased with the way the event worked out. It was a bit off the wall, but everyone entered into the spirit of the rally and enjoyed it. Special thanks to Michael Holland of Universal in High Wycombe who kindly let us stay at his villa.”

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