Gamma Telecom mobile email turns customers into addicts

Following on from its August mobile email promotion, Gamma Telecom has stated the technology is addictive, with the majority of users unable to let the service go after the four week introductory period.

According to research completed by AOL in the US, mobile broadband is hugely addictive. The research shows that 59% of users check their email in bed, 53% in the bathroom and 37% of people are checking their email whilst they are driving.

During August Gamma Telecom offered a free trial period of Gamma Mobile Email and cheaper handsets to its resellers, with the aim of introducing them to the benefits of mobile broadband.

In line with the research from AOL, Gamma found that its customers felt this service was highly addictive, with between 70% and 80% of trial users opting to pay for the full service of Gamma Mobile Email after trialing it.

The benefits of mobile broadband cannot be underestimated, Gamma stated. Once users have been introduced to this service, they do not want to be without it, it claimed. The service gives users real time access to email and contacts anytime, anywhere. It increases the productivity of the workforce allowing people to turn wasted time, such as traveling on a train, into productive time, the business continued. Gamma also said that it can speed up the decision-making process and the information flow within businesses.

Gamma Mobile Email is quick to install and resellers can set up the service via the Gamma portal. It offers best of breed security features plus the technology is flexible, allowing it to be compatible with a wide and growing range of handsets. There are three levels of mobile email offered by Gamma – Enterprise, Professional and Personal – which cater to differing end user requirements.

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