Gamma Telecom Solve EU Data Retention compliance with LogicaCMG

IT services company LogicaCMG says that Gamma Telecom will implement their purpose-built data retention and retrieval solution Pharos to ensure compliance with the EU Data Retention Directive requirement that came into force in the UK on 1 October 2007.

The Directive, which supports law enforcement and anti-terrorism initiatives, requires Telecommunications and Internet Service Providers operating within EU member countries to collect, retain, retrieve and disclose communication traffic records for up to two years.

Pharos will enable Gamma Telecom to effectively capture and store large volumes of data, such as call and internet records, at a rate of up to a quarter of a billion records per day in a compact, tape-free system that will fit ‘under a desk’. The Pharos intuitive search interface allows Gamma Telecom to search up to 100 billion records, returning the results of a query within seconds. Data can be rapidly retrieved and securely disclosed, as defined in the EU Directive. Pharos will scale up to five billion records/day and up to one trillion total records in total, allowing plenty of room for growth.

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