GCF activates certification for dual-mode LTE/3G devices

GCF Certification is now able to provide assurance that dual-mode LTE/3G (UMTS/WCDMA) devices can hand-off sessions between the two radio-access technologies (RAT) in ways that conform to the relevant 3GPP standards.

Within weeks of the necessary test cases for dual-mode interworking being agreed, validated and activated by GCF, the Samsung SC-01D became the first dual-mode device to achieve certification. Part of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 range of tablets, the SC-01D supports 2100 MHz LTE together with 3G and its HSPA extension in the 800 & 2100 MHz bands.

“The transition to multi-mode devices is an important progression for LTE as mobile operators and their customers expect devices to operate seamlessly across all available radio access technologies,” said Adriana Nugter, Operations Manager of GCF. “Inter-RAT conformance will give an assurance that a device can combine different access technologies to deliver a consistent service offering.“

GCF operator members from Asia, the Americas and Europe have identified combinations of radio access technologies and spectrum bands for which they expect market demand. These RAT/band combinations will be brought within GCF Certification as the test cases are validated at the required frequencies.

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