GemaTech joins Voxsmart for Cloud-based mobile voice recording

GemaTech, specialist developers and distributors of resilient and flexible communication technology, has partnered with Voxsmart, a Select Member of the BlackBerry ISV Alliance program, to provide a cloud-based mobile voice recording solution for BlackBerry smartphones.

Integrated into GemaTech’s fully distributed secure data storage network and web-based search and retrieval portal, Voxsmart’s VoxRecord solution seamlessly records inbound and outbound phone calls to and from BlackBerry smartphones and stores the recordings securely in remote locations away from customer sites for increased resilience and security.

Since March 2009, Financial Services Authority-regulated financial institutions in the UK have had to record and store certain telephone conversations made from desk phones relating to taking client orders and the conclusion of transactions in the equity, bond and derivatives markets.

Recording phone calls is also the best way to ensure accuracy in case of any disputes in future over what was said. The FSA is expected to make an announcement shortly on the current mobile recording exemption included in the 2009 regulations.

With this in mind, GemaTech has partnered with Voxsmart to lead the way in delivering the highest quality voice recording, secure and resilient remote storage and fast retrieval using VoxRecord, as their new mobile voice recording solution for BlackBerry smartphones.

CEO Graham Chick explained: “Working patterns are continually evolving and the steady increase in the mobile workforce will continue. Mobile working, coupled with the anticipated regulations in the financial services sector means that voice recording of both landline and mobile conversations will become the accepted standard by everyone. By deploying a cloud-based, fully distributed service, organisations can build additional resilience into their mobile voice recording solution as well as taking away the cost of maintaining office based voice recording equipment.”

Deploying the VoxRecord application can be done remotely to one or thousands of devices in a matter of minutes. Voxsmart’s VoxRecord Compliance solution can be set to automatically record all incoming and outgoing phone calls with users unable to make a call unless it is recorded. Alternatively organisations can deploy VoxRecord Professional whereby users can choose when they need to record mobile calls.

Each voice recording file is digitally stored and encrypted in highly secure geographically dispersed data centres located in the UK, US and mainland Europe. Recordings can be sent via email, sent as a link within an email or SMS text, or viewed on a secure web page. A comprehensive permissions structure allows an organisation to decide who has access to which voice recordings.

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