GENBAND Deploys Kandy

GENBAND has announced that Masergy has deployed Kandy to significantly improve the online customer experience via its new Visual Automated Attendant (VAA) application. The VAA is an easy-to-use WebRTC-enabled application wizard that leverages Kandy’s embedded communications technology and advanced Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to allow customers to easily create custom menu structures to meet the specific needs of their business. The intuitive wizard auto-generates the necessary code, which can be embedded into the customers’ website.

The VAA and Kandy enable Masergy business customers to develop simple, customized Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC)-based calling features, allowing their end user customers to place calls to the company’s representatives directly through their web browsers. The innovative new app wizard serves as an alternative to more costly traditional solutions such as toll-free calling and offers Masergy customers a fast time-to-market.

“This is a real breakthrough in online customer engagement,” said, Dean Manzoori, Vice President of Product Management at Masergy. “We leveraged Kandy to develop VAA, which allows our customers to easily develop and provision customized online call directories and offer the ability to connect to a live agent with the click of a mouse via WebRTC-enabled voice calls. This makes for a dramatically improved customer experience by providing instant access to experts that can resolve their issues and removes the need to get on the phone and sort through complicated IVR systems.”

The VAA provisioning system provides business customers with embedded auto-generated software code supporting a directory of contextual-based menu options for insertion into the customer’s website. Masergy’s customers use the provisioning system to define and configure the menu options, hierarchy, branding/color schemes and call destinations within their organization. GENBAND’s cloud-based WebRTC technology, a feature of the Kandy platform, manages and supports all incoming calls, providing a simplified operational and support model.

“Masergy continues to be a leader in bringing game-changing solutions to market – so we are pleased to support their new VAA app with Kandy,” said Paul Pluschkell, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Cloud Services for GENBAND and Kandy Founder. “Kandy’s real time communications capabilities can be used by virtually anyone to easily develop customized apps that are embedded directly into the company’s business processes.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine