GENBAND Wins TelePsych Alliance Contract

GENBAND has announced that its Kandy communications platform has been selected by The TelePsych Alliance to help individuals at risk of depression and suicide via one of the first real time communications enabled suicide prevention apps, MindMe.

The TelePsych solution, MindMe, leverages advanced psychotherapy approaches to break the cycle of suicidal thoughts and ideations in vulnerable individuals through an innovative self-guided approach that includes instant messaging, voice and video conversations with therapists.

The MindMe application, currently in clinical trials at New York Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical College, leverages Kandy’s WebRTC technology by extending the therapist-patient conversation beyond the monthly or weekly in-person visits often limited by healthcare plans, disability or distance.

“The information captured is secure and private, and makes it possible for the attending therapist or counselor to not only serve the individual patient, but learn from the aggregated, privatized data which approaches and treatments are most successful for the general population,” said Frank Fleming, co-founder of Interlecta. “This represents a major step forward for the behavioral health research and treatment world in addressing mental healthcare solutions across the established continuum, and rethinking the delivery and context of current geographical, institutional and technological treatment models. This is an innovative and unique use of WebRTC in an application to improve the emotional wellbeing of individuals in need.”

“The solution that the TelePsych Alliance created is truly inspiring,” said Paul Pluschkell, founder of Kandy and Executive Vice President of Strategy and Cloud Services at GENBAND. “Kandy is all about humanizing online experiences – so being a part of such a powerful solution that can help treat at risk-individuals by providing them with real time access to therapists is something that we are extremely proud of.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine