Get fast with Sharedband’s Mobile Speedboost

Sharedband has announced the release of ‘Mobile Speedboost,’ a product that increases the speed of a mobile devices’ internet connection by bonding broadband connections with a mobile device’s 3G network connection. The Mobile Speedboost router is able to automatically detect when a mobile device’s broadband connection is being fully utilised and seamlessly bonds the broadband and 3G connections to maximise speed.

Most broadband connections will comfortably manage with short term demands for bandwidth such as that required by light web browsing or downloading emails, but when downloading files or streaming video the internet can be unreliable and painfully slow. Mobile Speedboost can increase the speed of such transfers and is fully automated, requiring no intervention from the user to initiate the bonding process, or to disable the 3G connection once traffic returns to normal levels.

Sharedband’s Mobile Speed boost product is network agnostic and will work with any of the UK’s Mobile Networks.
Designed to utilise 3G and 4G technologies, Mobile Speedboost has been developed and tested by Sharedband on a major European 4G network. Mobile Failover is currently only available in the UK with 3G hardware, although 4G compatibility will follow once 4G is generally available in the UK.

Commenting on the release of Mobile Speedboost, Tim Burne, Chief Operations Officer for Sharedband stated, “Mobile internet is something that no one in business world can live without, but variable speeds and periods of high traffic mean that all of us have at one time or another longed for just a bit more speed. Our Mobile Speedboost delivers that extra push for mobile devices by seamlessly bonding a 3G network to an existing broadband connection the instant that the limits of that existing connection are reached, making it the perfect solution for anyone that’s ever wanted that little bit more.”

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