GFI Software Launches GFI MAX MailArchive

GFI Software today announced the availability in EMEA of its new service for MSPs – GFI MAX MailArchive – a hosted service which allows businesses to archive email messages to geographically distributed data centres for future search, reference and retrieval. The platform neutral service can either be used standalone or integrated within GFI MAX MailProtection to offer IT service providers and their customers a single, easy to use solution for email security, email continuity, and email archive.

Designed specifically for IT support organisations and managed service providers, GFI MAX MailArchive helps solve several of the biggest challenges facing SMBs today. The service helps customers offload the growing storage requirements for their email infrastructure, and provides ready access to historical email for compliance and other purposes.

GFI MAX MailArchive is the next major component in the comprehensive GFI MAX service offering for IT support companies and managed service providers. It will allow them to offer their customers a highly secure and available solution that delivers fully-hosted email archiving on a per-domain or even a user-by-user basis. Priced competitively using GFI MAX’s familiar approach of no minimum commitment, no long-term contracts and pay-as-you-go billing, its ease of implementation will be a major benefit to customers wishing to roll the solution out to large numbers of users with minimum effort.

The solution can be activated in just a few minutes by an administrator and, like GFI MAX MailProtection, can be easily re-branded to reflect each IT service organisation’s own branding. Its per-mailbox pricing provides greater flexibility and cost-effectiveness for customers than any on-premise solution.

“Email infrastructure requirements are growing each day as IT administrators struggle to manage a mountain of critical intellectual property,” said Dr.Alistair Forbes, General Manager, GFI MAX at GFI Software. “The key is to limit the load on email servers while making the business-critical data stored in email easily retrievable and accessible from any Internet-connected device. By providing IT support companies and Managed Service Providers with a hosted service on which to offload that burden for their customers, GFI MAX MailArchive solves some of the largest storage and compliance problems today in a manner that is cost effective for small and medium-sized enterprises.”

GFI MAX MailArchive delivers a solution for compliance, storage management, and intellectual property retention that requires no additional software installation and delivers a high level of resilience by providing encrypted storage of messages in multiple geographically distributed locations. In conjunction with the GFI MAX MailProtection service, the GFI MAX MailArchive service helps IT Support companies easily and cost-effectively solve their customers’ problems around their email infrastructure, providing a single integrated solution for email security, email continuity, and email archive.

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