Globo enters mobile market with CitronGO!

Globo, an e-business solution and a SaaS solutions provider, has announced that it is to launch CitronGO!. CitronGO! is the first of a new breed of open mobile communication software that will provide personal and professional users, for the first time, with true ubiquitous computing on a single screen on any mobile phone or laptop, regardless of manufacturer, vendor or network.

CitronGO! for the mobile will be downloadable with minimal configuration requirements whereas for the PC will be available via a web user interface. It is currently in Beta Testing and will be launched in early 2009.

The launch follows recent research by Globo that highlighted that users want an all in one solution that provides an instant email experience, but are unwilling to change their handset. CitronGO!’s unique capabilities mean it can be accessed via an individual’s existing mobile phone, laptop or PC, PDA , enabling a professional or personal user to benefit from a unique layer of interaction with hundreds of services, such as email, calendars, contacts, instant messaging and folders.

CitronGO! brings together corporate and personal spaces onto a single screen and seamlessly synchronises data and shares applications over the air, providing a complete push experience.

Costis Papadimitrakopoulos, CEO and founder at Globo, commented: “Today, with almost three billion mobile subscriptions globally, the mobile handset is becoming the ultimate personal device of ubiquitous computing. CitronGO! will contribute significantly in the global proceedings by introducing a new layer of interaction for the end-user. The end user can easily personalise the way they want to communicate with others, so as to share moments of their personal and professional life from anywhere, at anytime and via any device.”

CitronGO! will be available as a managed service.

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