GN Helps Herts Police Stay on its Toes

Headset vendor GN has deployed more than 150 wireless headsets in the new Force Communications Centre at Hertfordshire police’s headquarters in Welwyn Garden City. Using the state of the art Jabra GN9350 wireless headsets, employees can quickly and easily move around the Communications Centre whilst dealing with the area’s 2,500 ‘999’ emergency police calls per day.

The Jabra GN9350 is a wireless headset that features a range of up to 100 metres and an inter-changeable battery, giving employees the flexibility and freedom to walk around the Communications Centre, which consists of their Contact Centre and Control Room, and provide a true 24/7 working environment. The headset’s conference facility also enables supervisors to join any call at the touch of a button, which helps with the training process and when dealing with irate callers.

The Jabra GN9350 is the only headset on the market with dual-functionality between a traditional phone system and IP telephony. This interoperability has allowed Hertfordshire Police to use one headset to handle calls from its new IP telephony system as well calls from its traditional ICCS system. The headset is also helping the police force to comply with EU Noise at Work legislation which stipulates that agents should not exceed an average 85dB over an eight hour working period.

“We deal with a huge volume of emergency calls every day and each one needs to be handled quickly and efficiently as often it can be a life or death situation,” commented Sergeant Emma Adshead, Hertfordshire Police. “The GN headsets give our staff the necessary freedom to move around the Communications Centre. The headsets are easy-to-use, have a great battery life and easily adapt to our existing telephony system.”

The Jabra GN9350 is ideal for Hertfordshire Police’s busy Communications Centre as its digital signal processing technology removes impurities from the incoming signal, enriches the sound quality and maintains a safe, consistent volume level. The headset also features a noise-cancelling microphone which means that they agents voice is always transmitted clearly. It also comes with a sophisticated LCD display that allows the user to set the call parameters such as volume and audio output to their personal preferences.

“Dealing with emergency calls is very stressful as often callers are distressed and anxious,” commented Stuart Nicoll, GN. “Agents like the added security and safety of knowing that they can quickly conference their supervisor onto the call as well as being able to ask their supervisor to come to their aid if they need any additional input. The Jabra GN9350 is ideal for this environment as it ensures that the supervisors can remain productive while providing the necessary support to their agents.”

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