GN Heralds a New Era in Business Communication

GN, the industry leader in headset solutions, today announced that its Jabra JX10 Bluetooth headset can now be paired with a desk phone, as well as a mobile, heralding a new era in business communication. Using the new Jabra Bluetooth Hub, which is a small desk-based Bluetooth enabler, users can benefit from hands-free mobility in the office as well as on the move.

Designed for the new generation of mobile business users who need to be contactable wherever they are, the compact Bluetooth Hub means the JX10 can receive calls from both mobile and desk phones. This sleek device, about the size of a glasses case, can be stored away easily in an office drawer or under the desk. Once connected, users can use the same wireless headset for hands-free communication in the office as well as in the car on or on the move.

GN say the JX10’s small form-factor and elegant-finish makes it ideal for the professional business user. It was created especially by world-renowned Danish-designer Jacob Jensen and weighs less than 10 grams (one ounce) and less than four centimetres (one and a half inches) in length. Used in conjunction with the Bluetooth® Hub, business users can now benefit from its ergonomic comfort and convenience together with the health and productivity benefits of wireless, hands-free communication while in the office.

“The working population is more mobile than ever before, with business people spending more time away from their desk, travelling to meetings, working from multiple office locations, or even from home. Yet, they are expected to remain ‘connected’ at all times,” commented Jan McNair, UK Managing Director, GN. “Our latest innovation means business users can realise the full potential of Bluetooth technology to communicate both in the office and on the move. We believe this small compact device has the potential to revolutionise modern business communication.”

The set-up procedure is simple and users can be connected to their mobile and desk phone in a matter of minutes, freeing them from the restraints of cords and leads. Once connected, all call handling is controlled via the headset including answering and ending the call, volume control as well as voice-activated dialing and redialing.

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