GoPayforit launches mobile small payments service in the UK

GoPayforit has announced that it had launched its new mobile, small payments service to enable bloggers and content owners to more easily sell content online. By using GoPayforit, lower priced content can now be purchased by consumers in an easier, more manageable and less time-consuming way.

GoPayforit allows bloggers and content owners to set up a payment service for their site by inserting one simple line of code. Once established, this enables consumers to debit money directly from their mobile phone bill (PAYG or contract) in order to make payments.

UK mobile operators provide support for GoPayforit as a secure transaction platform as it is based on the tried and tested Payforit platform.

The GoPayforit service requires purchasers to enter their mobile number online to receive a secure PIN code sent as an SMS. Once the pin is received the code is entered online and the purchase is completed. This system is far more efficient than using a credit card, and GoPayforit has discovered that it is up to 7.5 times more efficient for consumers.

Recent research conducted by GoPayforit calculated the number of keystrokes needed to make an online payment. Using 6,500 different name and address variations, the research found the number of keystrokes needed to make a purchase on the following sites: Sainsbury’s 122 keystrokes; 120; Just Giving 120; PayPal 80 (using address capture software); Marks & Spencer 80 (also using address capture software); GoPayforit 16.

GoPayforit requires only 16 keystrokes to complete a transaction, on any website. The total number of keystrokes for GoPayforit is the same as the number of digits on a credit card and is still five times faster than sites using address capture software, such as Marks & Spencer and Paypal.

“When making small donations of £5 online, or buying one-off pieces of content from websites for say £1 or £2, entering your credit card details can be a long and tedious process,” said Chris Newell, CEO, GoPayforit. “Many potential customers may not even have a credit card, while those that do often just don’t want the hassle of entering all that information, meaning there is a huge drop-off at the payment stage.”

Newell continued: “Not only that, but for many smaller sites there are a lot of hoops to jump through to use credit card payment on the site. GoPayforit is both easier to set up for the website and easier to use for the consumer, making it a better experience for everyone.”

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