Gradwell encourages moving businesses to demand broadband data

Dr Peter Gradwell, founder of award winning VoIP and Internet provider Gradwell, is urging businesses to demand information on the quality of broadband service when they move premises.

It’s widely accepted by both industry and the government that fast and reliable broadband is essential for businesses to compete on a global scale. With technology continuously advancing, a quality internet connection can empower a business, speeding up online communications including web browsing and internet (or ‘VoIP’) phone systems.

Research previously carried out by Gradwell found that almost a fifth of small businesses see their broadband fail on average once a month, equating to a loss of up to £13.5m per day across the country. Most respondents claimed that staff use broadband for more than three hours each day, for business critical tasks, yet few had a back-up plan!

So Gradwell is calling on every business on the move to demand information on the quality of the broadband connection at their new premises from their estate agent – and to encourage infrastructure upgrades to broadband systems in offices to improve the broadband experience for everyone.

Dr Peter Gradwell, comments: “The Autumn Statement provided SMEs with welcome news that broadband is to be made available to more areas of the country, but as more businesses become better connected they really should demand information on the broadband connection available whenever they move premises.

“Broadband speeds vary in different locations, and as of yet, there is no way of telling which individual properties are better connected and which areas have weak connections. Considering the importance of an internet connection, it is disconcerting that estate agents do not provide information on the quality of broadband services in each area. This would not only help directors chose the right location for their business, it will also put pressure on landlords to upgrade their broadband services, which will in turn move us a step closer to the aim of universal coverage.

“The more companies that request this information, the faster it will become available, and the better broadband services will become.”

Gradwell was founded in 1998 by Dr Peter Gradwell, whilst studying at the University of Aberystwyth, as a means of offering small businesses his proprietary ‘Voice over Internet Protocol’ (VoIP) system. Now based in Bath, Gradwell has a turnover of £6.2m, a team of 70 and serves 20,000 UK Small Businesses.

Business VoIP telephony and Internet provider Gradwell has previously announced a significant “4×4” expansion plan – four times larger in four years – supported by a £1.15 million investment from regional equity fund Altitude Partners LLP.

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