Griffin launches Engineered Broadband Symmetric Assured

Griffin Internet, the channel ISP of the year, launched the second in its Engineered Broadband family this week.

The first release of Engineered Broadband – Single Priority allowed resellers to prioritise one application over all others on a broadband line, guaranteeing quality of service of single applications, saving end-users the need for multiple lines.

The new release Engineered Broadband Symmetric Assured (EB SA) guarantees bandwidth end-to-end, allowing resellers to plan usage for priority applications. Latency, packet loss and jitter are all guaranteed above a minimum limit to ensure quality of service.

The new services are available in over 50% of exchanges and provide resellers with a real alternative to IPstream SDSL.

Michael Cox, Product Development Manager, Griffin Internet commented: “This is an exciting product for the channel, as it facilitates converged services. SMEs are crying out for cost savings with the recession looming and are looking to communication providers for help. There is a great opportunity here for the channel to go in and cut the cost of company calls and access by running VoIP over EB SA. The product is easy to manage and sell via our provisioning platform and packaged correctly has potential to be a great revenue earner.”

Russell Whitlock of RW Comms commented: “This is the one we have been waiting for. Griffin’s new LLU-based SDSL is a much more widely available and affordable alternative to traditional SDSL. In some circumstances we will also be selling it as a replacement for 2Mb leased lines and the ability to run QoS over it gives us a real advantage in the marketplace.”

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