Griffin launches Online Backup

Resellers love products that sell themselves, particularly when they improve ARPU and reduce churn.

With companies like BT raising the awareness of online backup through TV advertising, the enterprise market has now started asking their suppliers for it.

The benefits are obvious. By copying your data over a broadband line to a remote computer you can guard against having your computer stolen, system failure and even human error.

Online backup products have been around for a while but have been expensive and complicated to install. Often the user had to remember to initiate a backup and restoring from the stored copy was unreliable.

Griffin’s new white label online backup product is designed specifically for the channel. It is easy to install, runs itself in background and costs only a few pounds a month. Data is transferred in seconds over Griffin’s business-grade IP network and stored on SANServe their award-winning, 100% uptime, hosting service.

Customers can purchase and install the service easily themselves from a website so selling costs are kept to a minimum.

Tim Walker, Managing Director, Iconnyx commented, “Griffin’s online backup is a simple product that doubles the margin we make from DSL lines. I already have demand from my customers and the price point to them is just right so that I don’t need expensive sales resource to convert orders. Our customers like it because they can access their files anywhere at any time and if they make a mistake files can be restored almost instantly.”

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