Guide to Designing and Installing Cabling Systems

A free guide to designing and installing copper and fibre trunk cabling systems is now available from Siemon. The ‘Trunk Cable Planning & Installation Guide’ will also be of interest to existing end users wishing to gain greater insight into the various factors to be considered when upgrading trunk cable infrastructure.

Ideal for data centre infrastructures and backbone applications where cable distances are reasonably predictable and can be easily determined, trunk cables are pre-terminated copper or fibre assemblies ordered to specific lengths and available in a variety of termination and performance configurations. This fully-illustrated guide addresses all aspects of infrastructure design and installation including: Calculating Trunk Cable Length; Planning for Installation; Pathway Sizing Considerations; Impact of Cable Slack; System Design; Installation and Testing.

Factors that should be considered when determining the type and performance of the trunk cable to be installed, as well as whether or not trunk cables are the best solution for a particular installation, are also discussed.

A number of quick-reference tables for sizing cable assemblies and their respective conduit/ pathway requirements, plus a capacity guide for Siemon pre-terminated copper and fibre trunk cable assemblies and associated cable management systems, are also included.

A copy of the Siemon Trunk Cable Planning & Installation Guide, which incorporates an informative video (9 MB – Windows Media Format) by structured cabling specialist Lyle Menard, RCDD/NTS, showing the features and benefits of pre-terminated copper and fibre trunk cable assemblies, may be downloaded from the Siemon web site.

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