Hard Talk from Callmedia

Callmedia, the UK’s developer of contact centre software, has launched a new Media Gateway for its outbound contact centre management system, Callmedia Advance.

The system is available in two configurations – as a software-only dialer, using a contact centre’s existing telephone system for making calls, or as a so-called “hard” dialer, where the Callmedia Gateway makes, and classifies, the calls.

The Callmedia Gateway connects directly to the ISDN network to generate its outbound calls and when they have been classified as live calls, they are transferred immediately to the appropriate available agent. Some advantages of this approach include improved answer-machine detection, better detection of recorded messages in the network, and the optional ability to record calls within the system.

“A soft-dialler has benefits in terms of flexibility, price and supportability,” Rufus Grig, Callmedia Chief Technology Officer, said. “But hardware directly connected to the public telephone network will offer support for home-workers over a wide area, and handle complex ISDN as well as analogue-based call classification for international and mobile connections.”

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