Hosted IP Gains Market Recognition

Hosted IP has gained market recognition and the trust of satisfied end users, marking a new beginning for this technology’s slow burning evolution, claimed Dave Dadds, managing director at Vanilla IP, speaking at the Convergence Summit in Manchester last week..

People are getting more familiar with hosted IP, spelling the growing success of this product, said Dadds: “There’s more acceptance of hosted IP now. It’s about the increasing credibility of the product. Also, the recession has got to be good for the hosted market, certainly better for us than the hardware guys; people want fixed costs per month.

Dadds stated hosted IP has been coming of age for a while, but that it was a slow burning growth curve. “Hosted IP is in continual development. It’s like building a house; you can’t move in until you’ve put the roof on, but then each room needs to be decorated properly, which takes some time. Hosted IP is now almost complete, but it will continue to grow and change each year, with the ongoing development companies put into their products. It’s being delivered, but it keeps evolving.”

Dadds noted that resellers that might have been burned by early hosted IP products even just a couple of years ago need to give the product another try, as it is no longer the same solution.

“Hosted IP is on double digit growth year on year. It just keeps going. You don’t get 500-employee companies like some of our customers using a comms service that’s up and down all the time,” Dadds commented.

“There will be issues that crop up going forward in the evolving world of hosted IP, but as we develop our products in-house, we will be able to move quickly to iron out those problems,” he concluded.

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