Hosted Telephony for Lovell

Independent systems integrator, PSG Networks, has won and implemented an order from Lovell, the UK’s leading provider of affordable housing, for AlwaysON hosted IP telephony. The order is for a 30 extension hosted IP telephony system which will serve a construction site at Yallops Yard in Bow, East London.

Using AlwaysON’s Hosted Telephony over the Lovell Cisco based network, PSG say they have been able to provide Lovell with improved internal communications, as well as reduced rate calls to suppliers and to its Tamworth headquarters. The overall phone bill for the site has reduced by at least 15%. The system replaced a PBX which was not flexible enough and was running out of capacity.

The Lovell IT team no longer has to manage a fixed telephony platform. All changes to the AlwaysON hosted IP telephony services can be made by site administrators through COMPASS, AlwaysON’s web portal (Combined Order Management Provisioning and Support System), with PSG always on hand to help out.

Lovell Head of IT, Dave Weaver, commented: “The massive reduction in time and effort spent on site telephony management is really appreciated. It has freed our internal resources for more important work.”

Site connectivity for the AlwaysON IP voice network is a single 1Mbps SDSL link supporting 10 voice circuits, 30 extensions and 26 Polycom IP500 handsets. The Polycom IP500 handsets simply plug into the site’s LAN, which is in turn connected to the SDSL line via an AlwaysON router.

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