How to keep your All-IP Customer HAPPY

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“All-IP” means telecom services that used to run on their dedicated networks will be delivered over a converged IP network. This applies in particular to Telephony customers and the corresponding TDM/PSTN network.

Besides network consolidation and cost savings, it is the endless possibilities for value-added services and service integration that make the case for IP telephony so strong.

Whether you are a service provider operating a VoIP network for thousands of subscribers or a system integrator taking care of your business customers, you are engaged in this All-IP technology transformation.

You want to offer to your customer the most efficient and inexpensive telecommunications solution possible. You also want to provide value-added services that make you stand out from your competitors. In summary, to deliver efficient, secure, high-quality and add-on services… you might feel like you would have to rethink the “inexpensive” part. Or you may try to lower your infrastructure costs by accepting higher packet loss or longer delays, which means sacrificing on voice quality…

A formula for disaster!

An end-to-end network delay of 150 milliseconds can degrade the quality your VoIP service offering from attractive to “thank you, BUT no – thank you! So, if you want to satisfy and keep your customers, skimping on network quality is the wrong answer for lowering your costs.

How about taking shortcuts on voice security? You can assume that a business customer has a Firewall installed in their network. So, why invest valuable capital in additional security measures?

Toll fraud typically occurs at the customer premise, which lies outside your responsibility. Yet the security challenge presents an opportunity for you and your service to stand out from the competition. Delivering a secure, fraud-proof service will also preserve your reputation by avoiding thousands of dollars of fraudulent calls on your customers’ phone bills.

We all know that one of the keys to maintain a thriving business is a steady customer base. So who wants to spend time and money repairing damaged customer relations?

The small SmartNode Enterprise Session Border Controller (eSBC) products from Patton provide a back-to-back-user-agent that performs deep packet inspection. The feature protects your business subscribers against security threats by actively monitoring and processing the SIP-signaling and VoIPmedia paths. SmartNode eSBCs also provide a clear network demarcation point at the customer premise. The secure network separation ensures service quality and protects both the service provider WAN and the subscriber LAN from unwanted external intrusions.

And what happens when your subscriber’s WAN-access link goes down? With a Patton eSBC in place… nothing. SmartNode eSBCs offer a PSTN interface that supports TDM fallback for voice and data—as well as legacy-to-IP migration. Selected models also offer a USB modem port that can support a 3G/4G wireless connection.

Simply put, SmartNode eSBCs from Patton address many of the challenges involved in delivering All-IP services at the customer premises—at an affordable price. Why not make your customers happy by transforming their experience from OK to excellent?

Whether you want to deliver SIP-to-SIP trunking, hosted IP Centrex, or legacy PBX-to-IP service, Patton Connects!

For a detailed discussion of all the key challenges a Patton eSBC can address for providers and subscribers of IP-based business communications, get the free white paper: Who Needs an eSBC?

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine