HSC and 3 push B2B connections for retail-based channel

Mobile distributor, HSC, has teamed up with the 3 mobile network to push B2B connections through retail-based dealers.

Launched in early May, the HSC 3 Retail Support Programme is designed to capture walk-in small business connections in HSC’s retail reseller estate, using 3’s compelling single user plans wrapped with bespoke dealer support packages. The aim is also to drive and increase consumer connections with increased 3 network support.

HSC has the largest estate of independent retail dealers in the industry, while 3 has a strong customer proposition for single business connections. Most other networks target B2B deals through B2B office-based dealers, however, according to Carlos Pestana, HSC sales manager, there is a huge untapped opportunity for networks and dealers to proactively promote business connections in retail stores, encouraging the sole trader or small businesses to choose their local independent store as a first port of call.

Pestana remarked: “We are reinforcing our rhetoric of being here for retail as well as B2B dealers. We are providing tangible ways to support the independent retail dealer, when other distributors are turning their backs on them.

“This specific project means that HSC is working in the best interests of both the dealer and the network; 3 wants to increase its business connections, and rather than routing the directive through our traditional office-based B2B dealers, we are giving otherwise vulnerable retail-based dealers a competitive proposition to sell business connections.

“This is all about grabbing the everyday opportunities presented by passing retail footfall, with a single user deal to bolster the more uncompetitive commercials that retail-based dealers and resellers receive on consumer tariffs,” added Pestana.

Recognising that dealers will need additional support to connect business customers, HSC and 3 have worked together to develop a unique Retail Support Programme to maximise sales and give dealers the extra layer of support they require.

The HSC and 3 Retail Support Programme includes: POS pack consisting of posters, brochures, and window vinyl promoting Business 900 on BlackBerry; In-store support visits by 3 account manager; 3 customer service support for resellers; Planned incentive to drive focus and volume on 3 Business.

The Programme has already been rolled out to 50 retail stores, which are piloting the programme. HSC intends to grow that figure up to 100 by the end of the year, and is now on the lookout for more resellers to move ahead with the project.

Michael Hinton, 3 business channel manager, commented: “HSC has a unique estate of high street dealers, and listening to their feedback, we are launching a campaign to support these dealers better when it comes to B2B. This will include specific high street POS, 3 channel manager visits, marketing and training support, and an incentive to ensure 3 becomes the small business champion for these dealers who have a traditional route to market that is perfect for the SOHO and small SME market. This is a unique campaign specifically for HSC dealers, who will begin to see it’s benefit this summer.”

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