HSC becomes sole T-Mobile distributor

As a result of Anglia Telecom being terminated as a distributor for T-Mobile on 31 March 2010, HSC is currently left as the only authorised distributor for T-Mobile pay monthly new connections and upgrades.

HSC is the exclusive T-Mobile pay monthly distributor moving forward. This announcement directly affects all T-Mobile stockists approved under Anglia Telecom whose codes have been swapped as a block to HSC. Also, any dealers looking to be able to start, or start again, to resell T-Mobile pay monthly products and services now need to contact HSC.

Bob Sweetlove, business manager at HSC, commented: “This demonstrates what we have always said, that on a level playing field HSC is the best airtime distributor. T-Mobile sat down five distributors two years ago and set us all exactly the same criteria with the same price book. At the time Anglia, Avenir, Dextra and Fone Logistics were all T-Mobile distributors with HSC. Other than Dextra folding into Fone Logistics, they have all since been terminated for under-performance.

“We work very hard to maintain as broad a choice as possible for independent dealers. We at HSC are very proud that on merit we have become the exclusive T-Mobile pay monthly distributor and we are keen to continue to drive good quality T-Mobile connections from all corners of the independent dealer channel in Q2 and beyond.”

In addition, with the upcoming merger of T-Mobile and Orange, active T-Mobile dealers will be in a stronger position to capitalise on the new business, stated Sweetlove. He commented: “The indirect businesses of T-Mobile and Orange are likely to be combined or aligned in some way going forward, and the dealers with active T-Mobile codes may be in a stronger position to capitalise. With the merger likely to tangibly impact the independent dealer channel later in 2010, those dealers who are able to demonstrate a commitment to both brands are likely to be seen as valuable partners for the newly merged business.”

HSC is currently signing up any dealer that does not have a direct dealer account with T-Mobile and wants to be approved to connect T-Mobile pay monthly new connections and upgrades. New sign-ups do need to be ready, willing and able to commit to provide at least 15 pay monthly connections per quarter in line with the minimum performance requirement.

The recently refreshed consumer and business tariffs coupled with increased commissions levels make T-Mobile a competitive proposition for many customers and dealers. Dealer commissions under HSC will be paid as per the existing HSC price guide, including the new HSC £20 consumer bonus and £50 business bonus.

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