HSC launches new online dealer account reports for added transparency and control

HSC has launched new online dealer account reports to provide a 24/7 transparent service for partners, making HSC’s dealer portal www.yourhsc.com the highest quality and most up to date online business resource for the channel.

HSC has stated this initiative is part of its goal to give dealers complete transparency in all their dealings with HSC, and help dealers manage their finances.

Bob Sweetlove, business manager at HSC, commented on the initiative: “We know our dealer partners will be pleased with the added freedom and transparency they now get with these new HSC reports. Our aim is to make selling mobile easy, and these reports take us another step along that path. Our dealers can obtain more basic account information for themselves, while freeing up our admin and account management teams to add more value and tackle more complex dealer issues.”

Putting power and control in the hands of HSC’s dealers, self service is a key feature of the new reports, and is the direction that Sweetlove is taking HSC. He explained: “We are committed to moving to single point of entry, whereby the dealer is more in control of the accuracy of data, all the way up the line. Why ring us and ask one of our operators to record data and perform a function for you, potentially introducing another layer of human error? It’s quicker and slicker to go online and start the transaction yourself, then control it through checking progress on stock orders from our web store and admin transactions on our support centre.”

Added Sweetlove: “Reports like the new Dealer Shipment Report are great online resources when dealers need to check and compare our records with theirs, especially if they buy from multiple sources. Additionally, dealers can experience this easy accessibility out of hours and out of the office, as these new resources are available 24/7, from the desktop or smartphone. We are also working on mobile-specific versions of our portal so that it is easier to navigate on a mobile in the future. Independent dealers don’t work office hours and are often visiting clients, where access to this data may prove invaluable.”

Another addition to www.yourhsc.com, the Account Summary Report, shows dealers a financial summary of all the data currently on their account, including outstanding balances, unconnected hardware value and soft credits value, as well as the value of any pending items such as queries, returns and suspect fraud.

Sweetlove noted: “We want to be completely open with our dealers so that they can absolutely trust us. We have no hidden agendas. The Account Summary Report will also help them understand why we have to make certain decisions with orders.” He added: “We recognise that for a dealer doing pay monthly connections, the flow of cash from their distributor is critical. Being able to track the status of queries with the new Query Summary Report, and predict next week’s commission payment with the new WPS Predictor Report, will significantly help in this area.”

Quality control is another major focus of the new reports, which include: Fraud Summary Report; Base Retention Data Report; and the O2 Customer Data Report.

Remarked Sweetlove: “Fraud, including bad debt, needs to be minimised if not eliminated, as it costs the industry money to connect and disconnect non-paying customers. Base retention to reduce churn is now as important as bringing a new customer to the networks, and the networks are measuring us accordingly, therefore we need to ensure that we help our dealers upgrade and re-sign their customer bases, rather than lose or switch them. This also applies to the O2 Customer Data Report, which allows dealers to assess how valuable their customers are in terms of revenue share to help them cut bespoke deals with customers.”

The new seven reports brings the total available to HSC customers up to 10, all of which are provided free of charge as part of the HSC service.

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