Huawei and Qualcomm drive commercial HSPA+ with speeds of 42Mbps

Huawei, provider of next generation telecommunications network solutions for operators around the world, has announced, along with partner Qualcomm, the successful completion of one of the industry’s first interoperability tests on dual carrier high speed packet access plus (HSPA+) technology.

The test, which reached a peak downlink data rate of 42Mbps, the fastest downlink rate experienced by 3G end- sers, demonstrates that dual carrier HSPA+ technology is ready for commercial deployment.

Huawei’s latest HSPA+ solution and Qualcomm’s Mobile Data Modem (MDM) MDM8220 chipsets were used in this interoperability test. Implemented with dual cell technology, Huawei’s HSPA+ solution can transmit data via two or more carriers, resulting in the downlink data rate of 42Mbps, which improves an operator’s spectrum resources, enhances spectral efficiency and provides capacity gains of up to 20%.

“Qualcomm is pleased to be working with Huawei to bring dual carrier HSPA+ technologies to market,” said Alex Katouzian, vice president of product management, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies. “We remain committed to WCDMA modem leadership and the seamless and cost effective commercialisation of next generation technologies around the world.”

Wan Biao, president of wireless, Huawei, said: “Achieving higher speeds is a constant pursuit for customers and their subscribers. As a customer centric company, Huawei is dedicated to developing innovative technology and cost effective solutions and services. In cooperation with Qualcomm, we are able to deliver the latest in commercially available mobile broadband technology and user devices.”

Huawei plays an active role in cooperating with global telecom operators, providing their subscribers with a faster and high quality mobile broadband experience. In March 2009, Huawei deployed Asia Pacific’s first 21Mbps HSPA+ commercial network.

In October 2009, Huawei announced plans to provide 28Mb/s HSPA+ commercial service in Singapore, and Huawei successfully demonstrated a 56Mb/s HSPA+ commercial solution in Beijing.

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