Huawei Participates in the MSF FMC Interoperability Event at GMI 2006

21CN supplier Huawei Technologies is actively participating in the MultiService Forum (MSF) Fixed/Mobile Convergence (FMC) interoperability event at GMI 2006 taking place from 16th to 27th October, 2006.

The focus of the event is to test multi-vendor interoperability to achieve Fixed Mobile Convergence supporting the IMS service framework. As a strong supporter of the MSF and as a leading global supplier of network equipment to both fixed-line and mobile carriers and operators, Huawei is perfectly placed to showcase its strong technological capabilities in this area.

Having successfully participated in the Open Mc interface testing which took place at BT’s test laboratories in Martlesham Heath, Ipswich, UK, Huawei is the only supplier to provide both its Mobile Softswitch Centre (MSC) Server and Media Gateway for testing at the event. This clearly demonstrates Huawei’s leadership in the area of FMC and as the leading pioneer and No.1 provider of softswitch products.

Huawei’s strategy for the Mobile softswitch is to allow the smooth evolution to IMS and to enable the product to be software upgraded to support the function of IMS, making full use of an operators existing hardware. It shares the benefits of IP, QoS, security, reliability, and large-scale networking with IMS and both share the benefit of providing access to value-added service platforms to ensure operator’s networks have a long-term return on investment.

Charles Huang, Director of European Marketing stated “Huawei is delighted to have played an active part in the standardisation and testing of a key interface in the fixed/mobile converged architecture. There is clear demand from our customers to have open interfaces in their networks to promote flexible networking and simpler interoperability; as an industry leader in providing end-to-end solutions to both mobile and fixed operators, it is our responsibility and also our key strategy to continue to focus huge efforts on global and open standards in the industry and to therefore to help our customers to achieve their goals.”

Huawei launched the world’s first 3GPP release 4-based commercial Mobile softswitch core network for Etisalat’s in the United Arab Emirates in 2003. To date, Huawei’s mobile softswitch has been deployed in more than 100 mobile softswitch networks in over 60 countries which serve more than 100 million subscribers.

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