Hugh Symons Telecom Launches FMC Channel Offer with Nokia

Hugh Symons Telecom announced today that its SIPtrix mobile office solution now supports the Nokia E series mobile phones, enabling them to become part of the wireless telephone network when in the office and revert back to a mobile phone when out of the office.

Commenting on this latest development, Marios Ktisti, Commercial Product Manager for Hugh Symons Telecom enthused, “This development highlights the fact that mobile phones are increasingly becoming part of the company IT and telephone network. The use of the Nokia mobile phones shows how convergent this area has become. It also highlights the need for cellular dealers, IT and PBX resellers to get involved, or at the very least understand this exciting area.”

This new development means that any field based staff with a Nokia E60, E61 or E70 will continue to use their mobile phone whilst out on the road as normal, but when back in their wireless office environment the mobile phone will seamlessly become part of the telephone system with its own extension number and features.

Many field based staff use their mobile phone even whilst in the office. With the mobile phone now part of the telephone system, the business benefits from the best least cost routing. Additionally field based staff no longer need a desk based telephone, saving on the hardware, cabling and maintenance costs.

Hugh Symons say the Nokia E series mobile phones and SIPtrix solution is most attractive to companies with field based staff, which makes the opportunity for those resellers willing to adopt convergent technologies immense.

The distributor will continue to work closely with Nokia and ensure it supports the channel with convergent margin making opportunities, whilst never losing site of the need to provide effective support, advice, training and documentation.

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