HulloMail says ‘Hullo!’ to SpinVox’ UK customers

HulloMail, voice communications innovator, is encouraging people who were previously using SpinVox for their voicemail services in the UK to switch to HulloMail, in light of the reported news that as from later this week, SpinVox is no longer supporting individual consumer accounts in the UK.

The HulloMail visual voicemail service provides messages and missed calls directly to the user’s mobile app, email and their My HulloMail online account. In one click, users can instantly play the voicemail, as well as save, forward, archive, delete or even post it onto social media sites or forums as an MP3 file.

HulloMail also allows subscribers to communicate for free by sending ‘Hullos’, which are short, instant messages that enable users to send and receive voice messages without actually having to make a phone call. It has been compared to the voice equivalent of texting or instant messaging.

Andy Munarriz, founder and CEO, HulloMail, said: “For any UK-based SpinVox users out there who may now be looking for an alternative method of voicemail, I would encourage them to download our free app to see how it suits their lifestyle. Not dissimilar to SpinVox’s aims, our service has been built on speed and accessibility, though focused on voice instead of transcription; people want to be able to access messages at a time and place that is convenient to them and I believe our visual voicemail and instant messaging app hits the spot on both counts.”

Concluded Munarriz: “We are considering integrating a free transcription service into HulloMail and are evaluating several third parties regarding this. However, it’s not currently as accurate as we would like it to be without human intervention, which would invariably create charges for customers. This is not something we want to do right now and so are continuing to research into this space.”

At the end of last year, Ewan MacLeod from Mobile Industry Review reported on his move from SpinVox to HulloMail, stating: “I swapped from SpinVox back in late July over to HulloMail, and I haven’t looked back. I thought that I might miss the semi reliable transcription of SMS from SpinVox. I reckoned that getting the ‘gist’ was good enough, and, for a long time, it was. But I’m not missing it one bit.”

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