Icon Adds Alarm Messaging System to Portfolio

Convergence systems distributor Icon has added the Fusion alarm messaging products to its portfolio. These integrate alarm systems to a Kirk wireless telephone system.

Staff can now be informed immediately an alarm event occurs and can respond through the handset. An alarm could be generated by the opening of a door to a secure area or the output of a complex building alarm system or process machinery monitor.

Icon is distributing the system through its existing distributor network.

Mark Shane sales manager commented, “This is truly a value adding product for our distribution partners. Kirk wireless handsets can now provide an alarm messaging and management capability for alarm systems ranging from the simple to the complex as well as providing a lone worker panic alarm feature.”

Shane went on to add, “There is latent demand for alarm management and we are often being asked to supply a lone worker solution. We see opportunities coming first from leveraging existing installation contacts but very quickly we would expect to see new markets being opened up with these products.”

Icon say their system offers a real alternative to alternative expensive alarm management systems. The solution is scalable and can manage up to 624 alarm events through the Kirk handsets. Inputs can be a simple switch or an output from a complex alarm system. Its affordability and flexibility makes it an attractive solution for big and small alarm systems. In a simple application it can be used to monitor a freezer door in a commercial kitchen and contact a chef if the door is open. In complex applications it can escalate calls up to 10, levels, notify groups of up to 25 members and automatically send alarm notifications by email.

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