ICUK Releases Responsive Control Panel

ICUK is pleased to announce the launch of version 11 of their control panel. This version includes responsive design, as well as retina ready images, and a brand new reseller homepage. Responsive design means that every user on every device will get the same, sleek user experience whether they’re on a tablet, a smartphone or a laptop, with the page resizing to fit your screen, without the hassle of zooming or resizing pages. The homepage now features drag and drop widgets allowing customers to arrange their homepage according to their own requirements and priorities.

Customers can make use of a bookmarks tool which will enable them to bookmark pages within the panel which are easy to access from the homepage. In addition, it’s now easier than ever to redesign your own control panel, or choose from an extended supply of ready made templates and add a company logo, to take full advantage of the white label solutions.

For ICUK resellers, the new panel means they will now be able to access information about their customers, or accounts whilst they’re on the go, so they’re not limited to working from home or a laptop to run their reseller business. We’ve applied our “simple” strategy, and aimed to make it as easy as possible for all of our customers and resellers to keep on top of their accounts no matter where they are.

Mobile phones and tablets are increasingly becoming a part of our day to day life, in both business and pleasure, and this is where responsive design comes in – one development can create a fluid, multifunctional site, which will work across all devices, and keep updates to a minimum, rather than apps, which are different in each operating system and will need to be updated each time a new operating system is released.
But the process for version 11 has by no means been simple, and has seen many long hours put in by our developers. ICUK developer Shaun Donnelly said: “We started by creating a comprehensive style guide to ensure there was consistency and uniform design across every page.

“Then we went through each page of the control panel, one by one, cleaned them up, and made them work correctly on smaller screens.”
Paul Barnett, one of ICUK’s directors said: “We chose to create a responsive panel instead of an app because it’s much smoother process – we can create one fluid design, rather than develop several apps for different operating systems which then need individual updates over time.
“The responsive control panel has put ICUK ahead of the curve and better prepares us for future challenges.

“We’re proud of the developments to our in-house control panel, which we believe is like no other out there.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine
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