IEC and BT Discuss Innovation “Big Bang” and Plan 21st Century Communications

The International Engineering Consortium (IEC) and Host Sponsor British Telecom (BT) led the industry last week in brainstorming educational content for the IEC’s 21st Century Communications World Forum. Themed an “Innovation Imperative,” the 21st Century Communications World Forum planning meeting took place with 75 leading telecommunications industry professionals.

“We focused on the transformation of the service providers and the innovations enabling the transformation. The forum will explore innovations, technologies, Web 2.0, and how they are creating a new generation of service providers—soft service providers,” commented IEC President John Janowiak. “We’re excited to move from a ‘next-generation networks (NGN) technology and architecture’ conference and exhibition to one that is truly meaningful in providing a framework for how the NGN will change peoples’ lives.”

World Forum Chair and BT Group Chief Technology Officer Matt Bross urged the gathered industry representatives to look beyond the building of NGNs and see the provision of content and services that these enable.

“The innovation ‘big bang’ has happened,” said Mr. Bross. “The sphere of possibilities is truly exponential and our task is to reach in, find the things that are relevant and put them in front of our customers.

“We all need to innovate at the speed of life—there should never be a gap between what is possible and what we deliver in the markets we choose to serve. The IEC has the ability to bring people together to listen to messages and raise the level of the game.”

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