“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.”

It was the father of modern management principles, Peter Drucker, who allegedly first stated, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. “As a truism this is a phrase that’s ideally suited to Call Management,” says SpliceCom’s Director of Marketing and Product Management, Robin Hayman. “A company’s telephony system is ideally placed to provide a wealth of data, from which in-depth information relating to how that company and its employees are performing can be extracted. And it’s not just for Call Centre supervisors, although they know better than most how to harness the power of the telephone system to deliver the real-time information and business critical reports they require to drive their organisations forward. Call Management is relevant for any organisation for whom the telephone is a prime business tool.”

Whilst SpliceLog Pro offers historical Call Management reports and SpliceQueue wallboards display real-time information relating to inbound Departmental calls it’s a new business productivity application specifically designed and developed to work with maximiser from SpliceCom Development Partners AMS, that Hayman’s particularly excited by.

“PeakSuite provides a Business Dashboard for Small and Medium sized business,” explains Hayman, “delivering a comprehensive range of real-time information and historical reports to those that need it, irrespective of where they might be. Be it Technical Support or Sales Order Processing, Customer Service or Accounts, Help Desk or Sales, whatever area of the business a customer needs to focus on, PeakSuite has the answers.

This allows organisations to identify issues and rectify them before they become business-impacting problems, whilst optimising resources at all times for maximum productivity. It also provides organisations with the real-time information they need to ensure that their operations run smoothly. How many employees are currently on Do Not Disturb in Customer Service? Are we meeting our service levels on the Help Desk? How many abandoned callers haven’t been called back yet? These are the type of questions that can be effortlessly answered by PeakSuite.”

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