Inclarity Launches Call recording Option

Inclarity Ltd has added call recording to its VoIP service designed to support legal compliance, employee protection and training. The new functionality enables customers to capture and store both voice and data elements of every call. Inclarity will also provide a desk-top management tool for system users to index, search and retrieve call records, plus reporting tools for analysing interactions over time.

Call recording functionality enables Inclarity customers to have a permanent record of telephone conversations providing an invaluable tool for large and small businesses alike. The company will be offering two licenses – on demand and unlimited. On demand call recording enables users to store specifically selected telephone conversations at the touch of a button. Meanwhile, unlimited call recording allows organisations to record every single internal and external conversation. All the data can be stored on a Windows network share, on the telephone itself or on a hard drive sitting on the network, depending on the organisations’ requirements. This is important for many companies who are required by law to keep their recorded data on site.

Dave Millett, Operations Director at Inclarity, comments: “In today’s business environment, monitoring communications between your organisation and your customers, suppliers and partners is increasingly important to help you analyse organisational efficiency and performance, as well as helping you to provide a detailed audit for legal compliance and employee protection.”

“Call recording is not only important for training purposes, enabling contact centres to study and learn from customer transactions,” Millett said. “It is also increasingly important for organisations in law, finance and insurance who need to comply with regulatory mandates, such as the Sarbanes Oxley Act and Basel 2. In addition, we’re seeing demand for call recording from companies who use call recording as a sign off for project approvals.”

Millett added: “Our technology requires minimal training and gives users the ability to instantly retrieve recordings weeks, months or even years after the recordings have been made. Conversations can be recorded, stored as a permanent record and accessed on-demand, with flexible storage and archiving methods for easy retrieval and analysis. We’re very excited to be providing this functionality to our customers for the first time for a low monthly charge.”

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