Increase Leased Line Speed ‘on the fly’ with Vaioni

ISP Vaioni has introduced Flex as part of its strategic portfolio of services.

The company says that in today’s tough climate where businesses are finding new and interesting ways to keep what they have and pay less, Vaioni devised a service which does just that. Flex is a unique service to Vaioni which allows businesses and organisations to install a 10mb, 100mb or 1Gb internet leased line and only pay for what is used.

With a commit of just 2mb on a 10mb bearer, 10mb on a 100mb bearer and 100mb on a 1Gb bearer, Vaioni allows you to “flex” to the maximum bandwidth available on your circuit “on the fly”. The benefit is the customer pays for a smaller junk of the bandwidth but gets the benefit of flexing all the way to the very maximum on demand without configuration delay from us and only pay for the period of time it was flexed.

Sachin Vaish of Vaioni comments: “In a market which is highly competitive and a climate where customers want more for less, Flex offers it in a number of ways. Flex basically means you pay for what you use and nothing more.”

Flex is based on Vaioni’s industry leading pure Ethernet leased line service, where we offer a 99.96% SLA and a 4hr guaranteed fix on the CPE anywhere in the UK.

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