Independent dealer sales set to plummet

Independent dealers are already feeling the pinch as consumers slow down on handset replacements and watch their minutes-spend in today’s uncertain economic times. An independent dealer has stated that he expects sales of mobile phones in the indi market to continue to fall thanks to the recession, but said there is hope for smaller dealers.

Andrew Comrie, independent dealer and Orange business partner at General Communications UK, stated: “It’s only my opinion, but I believe sales of mobiles in the independent sector will continue to fall over the next two to three years, especially with us going into a recession.

“The networks will continue to dominate the High Street using outrageous offers only available instore, a tactic that Tesco, Asda and the like have used very successfully to drive out any local competition,” Cardiff-based Comrie continued.

He added the solution for indi dealers is not a simple one: “Independents have no option but to diversify of die. The one thing Independents have over the networks is the level of service they can offer. The future for independent dealers in my opinion is providing high quality; concentrating on high spend customers to the networks and providing high levels of after sales service to customers, and not trying to go toe to toe with the big boys who can give away the most.”

Comrie said that the independents must concentrate on the personal touch: “The high turnover of personnel in the networks mean they can never compete with independents with regard to service or quality high spenders, so get out there and do what you do best,” he encouraged.

General Communications UK was established 1989.

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