InTechnology pushes new mobile experience to lone workers

InTechnology has launched Push to Experience (PTX), a new mobile service which helps protect workers at risk, enabling companies to comply with Health and Safety legislation and the Corporate Manslaughter Act.

The company says that PTX is the natural successor to traditional 2-way radio (PMR) services, utilising the global GSM network and low-cost handsets to dramatically improve coverage and allow everyone using the service to communicate cheaply and effectively. PTX incorporates several services in one package, including Push to Talk (PTT), Push to Locate and Push to Alert.

PTX is initially being launched into the ‘lone worker’ market place where traditionally workers have had to carry several different portable devices, including a mobile phone, radio and other devices. This is no longer necessary because PTX enabled handsets are highly integrated communication devices combining the functionality of a mobile phone with the instant communication of a 2-way radio. PTX also has almost unlimited geographic coverage which makes it a perfect solution for organisations with large field workforces.

“Push to Experience is a radically new way to manage your field workforce at a fraction of the cost of existing systems,” explains Daniel Reeves, Product Marketing Manager, Mobile Services for InTechnology. “It allows companies to manage and communicate instantly with their field workforce direct from the office PC. Most importantly, it provides security for lone workers with constant communications, panic buttons, and GPS tracking. These GPS enabled PTT phones mean that the exact location of the user can be identified within seconds.”

As well as having one to one communication with their colleagues, users of the PTT service can also broadcast their messages to a group of people at the same time. And companies only pay for the time used talking, regardless of the total duration of the call.

Ideal for businesses or any organisation where employees need to stay in regular and close contact with each other, Push to Experience is an integrated service based on the very latest technology platforms.

Through Push to Locate, companies can visually track, in real time, the location of a GPS enabled PTT phone anywhere in the world to within a few metres. This offers a number of benefits, including better protection of staff working on their own as well as better utilisation of the workforce.

PTX technology is based on InTechnology’s own Mobile Tornado Internet Packet Radio System (IPRS) platform and InTechnology is the exclusive UK service provider for this platform.
PTX is also designed such that it can be quickly and easily integrated within an organisation’s existing communications system.

The PTX service also offers a far greater level of security than existing PMR systems by leveraging GSM based encryption, proprietary communication protocols, and a highly secure core network environment with almost limitless range and no chance of third-party intrusion.

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