InTechnology Signs Five Year Deal With BT for NGN Services

BT and InTechnology have announced a five year agreement under which BT will provide InTechnology with high-bandwidth voice and data services, delivered over its next generation network, 21CN.

InTechnology, an IT services provider, supplies medium-sized corporate customers in the UK with a portfolio of managed hosting, voice and data services delivered over its own end-to-end IP network.

The main component of the deal with InTechnology is to provide the company with BT’s Wholesale Ethernet service. By selecting BT’s next-generation service, InTechnology can take advantage of BT’s national reach and economies of scale and deliver high-bandwidth Ethernet services to a wider footprint of UK corporate customers, whilst at the same time realising cost savings of up to 40% for its customers.

The deal with BT will allow InTechnology to significantly extend the reach of its existing Ethernet coverage in the UK, rising to 600 nodes by Spring 2009 – the largest geographical footprint in the UK for Wholesale Ethernet. This will bring high-speed data services, together with the cost efficiencies of BT’s 21CN platform, to 87% of UK businesses.

InTechnology will also use BT’s Wholesale Broadband Managed Connect service (WBMC) to provide high-bandwidth services to UK businesses currently outside of its Ethernet footprint. This will allow InTechnology to satisfy the growing bandwidth requirements of its customers through a next generation broadband service capable of speeds of up to 24Mbit/s, which is managed end to end by BT.

A further element of the deal is around BT’s Wholesale IP Exchange product. IP Exchange will allow InTechnology to interconnect and run fixed, mobile, legacy and next generation networks services, minimising the cost of protocol conversion and interoperability, in a way that is invisible to end users.

All of the services provided by BT under the deal will underpin InTechnology’s innovative ‘Managed Services Grid’, which provides customers with converged voice and data services on a pay-as-you-go, on demand basis, allowing enterprise IT departments to benefit from greater flexibility and cost savings.

Peter Wilkinson, InTechnology’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, said: “We regard BT’s 21CN programme as being two years ahead of anything else in the market with many new exciting and innovative features. By linking our existing network into BT’s 21CN, InTechnology can now immediately service 87% of the main metropolitan areas of the UK. Most importantly in these difficult economic times we are in a unique position to bring huge costs savings and efficiencies to any business running a network.”

Brian Fitzpatrick, MD, BT Wholesale Markets, said: “Today’s deal with InTechnology marks one of the first major agreements to deliver a suite of next generation products for both data and voice. BT Wholesale is ushering in a new era for business IT services, allowing businesses to use IT and communications better, faster, and more cost effectively, with greater choice and flexibility than ever before. By partnering with BT, InTechnology is ahead of the curve in bringing these benefits to customers right now.”

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