Interalia’s Ipromoh Gives Newbury Racecourse Messaging Flexibility

When it comes to keeping race goers fully informed about future race meetings and events, Interalia’s Ipromoh is an ‘odds on favourite’ for Newbury Racecourse in Berkshire, one of finest sporting venues in the UK. Supplied by the UK’s Premier call centre audio specialist, New Voice Media, the state-of-the-art system enables Newbury Racecourse to quickly and easily update its messaging by downloading new material direct from New Voice Media’s host server.

Previously, New Voice Media had to dial into Newbury Racecourse’s telephone system and manually update the messaging after it was produced in its studios. Now, utilising IP technology Newbury Racecourse remotely renews its messages by calling New Voice Media’s host server for updates. The racecourse also uses the Ipromoh’s time and date stamp to play certain productions at predetermined times.

“We have used New Voice Media for three years and the company has always provided us with technically advanced products”, says Lisa Ward, Sponsorship & PR Manager for Newbury Racecourse. “The Ipromoh is a great improvement on our previous system as it allows messages to be tailored to meet our specific requirements which can range from giving details of future race meetings to information on our facilities for conference and events.”

Unlike CD or tape players, there are no moving parts and the Ipromoh does not require media to be sent out when the unit needs updating. A whole network of systems can be updated from one server and set to play the production at a predetermined time. Providing two solutions in one, the Ipromoh is both an announcer that can entertain and inform on-hold callers and an announcement device for a public address system for broadcasting music and/or messages to customers.

“The Ipromoh has enabled us to develop a new audio marketing package for facilities which need up-to-the-minute sales and marketing information”, says Chris Taylor, National Sales Manager at New Voice Media. “A whole network of Ipromoh units can be updated from our server in a matter of moments”.

The Ipromoh system uses pull-technology to request downloads from the host web-server when it needs updating. This server can be available on the internal LAN or Internet. To allow connection past firewalls, the Ipromoh will connect an outbound connection (HTTP) to the iCAS software application at configured intervals. Once contact has been established the Ipromoh will uniquely identify itself to the software and download any productions that are available for that unit. On-hold companies or marketing departments can update the units at any time to any location in the world.

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