IP is Kids Stuff for Mitel & Telinet

The National Childminding Association (NCMA) has deployed a Mitel IP solution. The first phase of the company-wide roll out has been completed at its Bromley headquarters with plans to expand the IP network to 30 UK regional offices. The company says the use of converged IP telephony and applications will improve communications throughout NCMA’s dispersed 500-strong workforce and provide the public with improved customer service.

The NCMA worked closely with Mitel Platinum Solution Provider Telinet to select and implement a new communications system. Telinet recommended the Mitel 3300 ICP which enabled the NCM to retain their existing PBX and migrate to IP at their own pace.

Paul Budgeon, IT manager at The National Childminding Association, said: “Currently there are 100 employees using IP communications and the organisation is already reaping the benefits. Making calls accounts for a high proportion of our time, so we are excited about the huge cost savings achievable from IP telephony. Another important driver was our desire to provide advanced voicemail for our mobile employees to access messages wherever they are. By moving to Mitel we are increasing the sophistication of our communications, reducing costs and providing a future-proof infrastructure that we can build on. I was very impressed with the level of service from Telinet and would recommend them to anyone looking at a new communications system.”

NCMA’s move to IP communications was prompted by organisational change, which saw two offices merge into a single site. The IT team chose a converged IP infrastructure in a bid to reduce networking and improve internal communication between sites, while reducing administration time and providing opportunities for new functionality, such as remote access to voicemail.

Matthew Lambert, sales director of Telinet, said: “We have now been working with NCMA for 12 months and we have rolled out IP technology to several sites all interconnected back to the head office. We are delighted that through our partnership with NCMA, both parties have been able to benefit from using technology where it is appropriate and has real commercial business benefits. At Telinet, we strongly believe in the long term value of partnerships and if we can continue to demonstrate value added service to NCMA and professional consultation, this will be a long term relationship.”

Graham Bevington, managing director of Mitel EMEA, said: “Having a widely dispersed workforce with multiple sites means that moving to IP communications makes perfect sense for NCMA. The IP infrastructure has increased call volume capacity which is vital for the NCMA and improved business processes such as the streamlining of calls to relevant departments. In the long term customer service will also be enhanced by giving customers one number to call.”

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