IPN Consultants Launch VoIP Breakout

IPN has added a QoS enabled VoIP Call Centre and Enterprise call delivery solution to their VoIP Carrier product portfolio. The service enables 240 calls to be made over a single E1 (2 Mbps) line which is then delivered to any global end point over IPN’s Carrier VoIP Network.

The new service allows 240 outbound calls over a single E1 (2Meg) line – equivalent to around 8k bandwidth per call. The equivalent call volumes in the traditional telephony infrastructure would require 8 fully deployed primary rate ISDN trunks, for example, 8 x BT ISDN 30’s. IPN can reduce that costly infrastructure to the equivalent of 1 ISDN 30.

Additionally, IPN see this solution being deployed to solve the issues of getting cost effective ISDN30 pricing across geographically dispersed Call Centre locations. For call centres who want to interconnect multiple sites, the IPN solution will allow them to disconnect 8 TDM E1 inter-site connections, in the UK or globally, and replace them with a single E1 and still maintain the integrity of their PBX signalling and call quality.

Critically, the security and quality of the service (QoS) can be guaranteed due to the Private IP infrastructure deployed to deliver the call. IPN’s customers gain the level of security experienced on normal TDM infrastructure by utilizing private and secure data links connecting their PBX to the service.

IPN say they launched the service in order to offer Enterprise organisations and Call Centres the cost savings that equivalent organisations worldwide are enjoying by making their outbound telephone calls via a VoIP network, an option not readily available in the UK.

“The cost savings are tremendous” commented Stuart Smitherman, CEO, “By utilising this QoS enabled VoIP service we can drive down line rentals alone by over 50%. Add to this our low cost VoIP calls and you have a simple delivery mechanism that combines quality with massive savings.”

He added, “The service has been used for many years now, particularly in the USA, so its credentials are first rate. We are not asking large users to risk such an important part of their business to a cutting edge and untried technology; instead, we are urging them to take a look at something that will simply carry out the simple task of delivering a call at greatly reduced prices to what they are used to paying.”

The service will further compliment IPN’s existing suite of IP centric services and VoIP Carrier capabilities which directly addresses the lack of business quality UK VoIP network delivery options for companies in the UK.

IPN’s VoIP Carrier service infrastructure is designed solely for business and is not a domestic Internet based service. With IPN, the business can keeps its existing infrastructure and is fully supported by experienced field based account management teams.

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