Is Broadband Fit for Purpose?

Wholesale connectivity provider Entanet has raised the issue on its opinion blog site as to whether or not broadband services are a viable choice for businesses anymore. It comes after research by the Citizen’s Advice Bureau found that almost 25 percent of small businesses have complained about service problems, with 92 percent of complaints focusing on stability problems or total loss of service.

In the blog post, Entanet’s Head of Sales Stephen Barclay, notes that the critical nature of connectivity for many large and small organisations today means that dedicated and guaranteed access services are more appealing, especially now that more affordable solutions such as EFM and GEA are available. This is an opportunity for resellers, he notes, “that will not only increase your monthly revenues, but also help you to effectively solve a customer’s business headaches helping to build trust between you.”

But he goes on to conclude that despite its contended nature, there is still a place for broadband in business – especially now that higher-speed fibre connections are available. The key is to ensure the service is suited to the customer’s needs. “What is most important is that a customer’s expectations are set before they order their connectivity service and any limitations are clearly explained to them. By doing so from the start, ISPs can avoid unnecessary complaints and ensure they provide a service that is fit for purpose and meets the customer’s needs and budget effectively. We continue to see high levels of demand for business broadband services.”

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine