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Is VoIP all About Quality of Delivery in 2013?

There are now over 1 million hosted VoIP extensions deployed in the UK, and the market is projected to continue to rapidly grow over the foreseeable future, as more organisations opt for the cloud rather than premise-based solution for business voice.

“A key driver of the accelerated growth in Hosted Telephony adoption is the acceptance by end-users that VoIP is now a proven, reliable technology that can deliver the quality required for their Business,” states Stuart Wilson, Operations Director at Inclarity. “We are starting to see a fundamental change in how organisations are evaluating Hosted Telephony,” he continues. “They are no longer judging the technology. They accept that VoIP works, and are instead judging the provider and asking whether they can deliver the capabilities and services they promise.”

There are very few professionals that are more qualified than Stuart to make this judgement. His 21 years’ experience in the world of communications covers every aspect of service delivery: from the management of core infrastructure roll-out, an end-user perspective (from a role in service procurements for a real estate provider) and, more recently, within technical management of an ISP.

Having joined Inclarity earlier this year, Stuart is leading the way in responding to the market need for VoIP and Hosted Telephony delivered with an exceptional services wrap.

“The Cloud and SaaS consumption models are driving two fundamental expectations from end-users,” explains Stuart. “Firstly, organisations are looking for a proven ‘packaged’ solution. However, they also expect the standard to be tailored to their specific needs – a personalised solution. Secondly, they demand far higher and faster service. The personal touch is being replaced with service portals and email where the expectation on response and resolution has gone from days to hours and in some cases even minutes.”

The decision to join Inclarity was an easy one for Stuart. “Inclarity are in a perfect position for the market explosion taking place in Hosted Telephony,” explains Stuart. “They combine over ten years in this market from its infancy in delivering cloud based VoIP, with a passion for delivering service quality.”

However, as the market grows Hosted Telephony providers have to both scale their service capability and also continue to raise their game to meet growing customer expectations. “At Inclarity we have some exceptional people who really go the extra mile for customers,” continues Stuart. “Our challenge is making sure that we scale our ‘service excellence’ while also continuing to put a clear gap between ourselves and competitive offerings.”

Stuart sees three areas as being key to delivering service excellence around Hosted Telephony:

•Network Stability – leveraging state of the art performance monitoring to ensuring not only end to end availability, but also quality of VoIP service delivery.

•CRM – ensuring the flow of information from sale to provisioning through support to billing; ensuring that personal service is delivered every step of the way.

•Automation – to accelerate the provisioning and management of service, reducing overheads and cost to the customer and enabling technicians to focus on providing additional value.

“These are definitely exciting times,” comments Stuart. “When a market experiences rapid growth, service delivery often suffers. With Hosted Telephony, however, there is no room for this to happen as it is now this very service that is differentiating the suppliers.”

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David Dungay

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