Jabra puts Bus Service Controllers in the driving seat

Arriva London, one of the biggest bus operators in London, has deployed 200 Jabra BIZ 2400 Duo headsets to its Bus Service Controllers. The headsets, from leading hands-free audio solutions provider Jabra, are enabling clear, real-time communication between Arriva’s Bus Service Controllers and bus drivers, to ensure a high quality service for passengers.

Based in six locations across London, Arriva London’s Bus Service Controllers use the TFL vehicle location and communication technology, iBus, to monitor and manage a fleet of 1,700 buses. Prior to deploying Jabra headsets, the team were using single ear headsets, but distortion was impacting on communication between drivers and the service team. Using the Jabra BIZ 2400 Duo headsets, the Controllers are able to work with iBus hands-free and constantly communicate clearly and in real-time with bus drivers to update them on routes, manage diversions and control journey times.

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