Jexaa Set To Storm The UK Tablet PC Market

Jexaa, a wholesaler of the latest and greatest in Android and Windows-based Tablet PC’s, memory cards, Tablet accessories and mobile connectivity, is pleased to announce the launch of its online retail site to the UK market.

Recently established, Jexaa offers users high quality Android and Windows Tablet PCs at incredibly competitive prices – with a substantial range of 12 different Tablet PC’s to choose from of various sizes and specifications.

Currently products can be purchased on the Jexaa website or via Amazon and items are delivered the very next day to any location in the UK. Jexaa purchases its stock from China, Taiwan and South Korea to ensure that its products are of the highest quality and it can showcase the most up-to-date technology.

Throughout 2011, Jexaa will be strengthening its Tablet PC offering considerably by introducing different types and sizes to stay ahead of an extremely competitive and price sensitive market. As a relatively new player, competing with well-known brands, Director Paul Cohen states that whilst new in the Tablet PC game, the company has plenty of experience in the consumer electronics market and sees this as an exciting opportunity:

“There is a lot of pressure to stand out in this crowded market and we are keen to establish ourselves as a company that provides ‘Androids Made For Tablets.’ We have worked with agents in the Far East for over 10 years to fine tune our offering and ensure that the stock that we ship to our customers is of the highest possible quality – at an incredibly competitive price.”

Fellow Director Josh Cohen states that the company is proud to be championing Android over Apple and states that Jexaa will always continue to do so. He concurs with experts’ views that by 2016 Android will firmly have the monopoly over Apple and one of the company’s distinct aims for the year ahead is to properly educate the market about Android technology – believing that too many users are preoccupied by the Apple brand and fail to recognise the superior capabilities of Android:

“We were drawn to Android over Apple for various reasons. Its technology is open-source, meaning that more users want to use it because of the opportunities to expand and improve it. Similarly, with the Android App market growing 30 percent faster than Apple, we are certain that like all of Google’s other products – Android Tablets are set for world domination and we are excited to be a part of it,” concludes Josh.

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