Juniper Bridge Gains Router Expertise With Dreytek Partnership

Juniper Bridge is now an Advanced Networking Partner (ANP) with router specialists Draytek.

Juniper Bridge has invested significantly in research and development in DrayTek equipment over the past few years, to optimise the usage of SMTP features within Sonar, the new configured connectivity monitoring software that manages and monitors any IP device, on any network, anywhere in the world.

This investment has enabled Juniper Bridge to launch Sonar 2.0, the new version of the monitoring platform that provides the ability to set specific policies by technology or customer type through an active alerting dashboard. The software also provides visibility of the connectivity status of all client live UK and global sites in real time, including bandwidth utilisation and specific LAN user performance.

Sonar works by utilising an operational dashboard that displays geo locations of client UK and global sites and can use ICMP, SNMP or Web protocols. Central administrators have visibility and the connectivity status of all live sites in real time. If any of these sites go down, proactive email and SMS alerts are automatically distributed to key personnel, to get these sites up and running as soon as possible. Sonar can be used for both any data connections with any provider and is fully scalable allowing for additional sites and employees for monitoring purposes.

Julian Hubble, Sales Director from DrayTek stated; ‘We’re delighted to welcome Juniper Bridge into the DrayTek Advanced Networking Partner (ANP) programme. We have been successfully working together for several years and, with this higher level of accreditation, are looking forward to strengthening the relationship further.’

Stephen Larkin, Founder of Juniper Bridge, said; We’ve been working closely with Draytek working on mutually beneficial projects; becoming an Advanced Networking Partner is the perfect recognition for our ongoing relationship and we looking forward to harness their technology for Sonar 2.0, to provide our resellers and their customers a better experience.

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David Dungay

Editor - Comms Business Magazine