Kcom launches Accelerate Channel Partner Programme

Kcom, part of the KCOM Group, recently launched Accelerate, its new Channel Partner Programme, following a two month pilot programme. Accelerate provides a valuable opportunity for the Channel Partner community to further grow and develop their businesses and is now available to all Kcom reseller and carrier customers.

The three tiered programme gives customers access to a structured portal which provides a number of business support functions such as product roadmaps, online sales training, marketing campaigns and intelligence as well as business planning support. Those who sign up to the programme will also be offered financial incentives for reselling Kcom’s products and services.

Iain Shearman, Kcom Channel Partners Sales Director says: “During the pilot scheme, we invited several customers to participate in the pilot programme and encouraged them to spend some time using the portal and the intelligence and information available. We received some great feedback and have continued to develop the programme until we felt it was right to officially launch it.”

With over 250 Channel Partners, Kcom offers an in depth knowledge of the marketplace. This knowledge, together with a commitment to service, enables Kcom to provide solutions which Channel Partners can confidently offer to their customers to meet their expectations and requirements. Accelerate further demonstrates Kcom’s commitment and ability to support and nurture Channel Partner activities to enhance their bottom line and grow their business.

“This programme presents a valuable opportunity to work even closer with our customers. We want to further understand their business needs and work with them to create competitive and innovative solutions so they can enjoy long term sustainable business growth. Accelerate provides us with the ideal programme to do so. ” continues Iain.

Accelerate is split into three tiers – Approved, Select and Premier – with each providing members different levels of benefits based on a Partner’s’ level of participation and engagement with Kcom.

Dorota Gibiino from Node4, a specialist data centre and communications solutions provider, said: “We were recently introduced to Accelerate, the new Channel Partner Programme portal. We found it easy to navigate; it is very intuitive and user friendly. The training guides are supported by clear explanations of the services available and how they can best be utilised and the sections on competitor insight are incredibly beneficial. The marketing campaign builder is definitely one of the key strengths, it’s great to be able to re-brand campaign templates and monitor activity from the portal. We look forward to benefiting from the programme and earning rewards as we go.”

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