Kirk Launches Wi-Fi Softphone Option

Kirk telecom, a SpectraLink Company, has extended its Wi-Fi telephony capabilities to third-party mobile devices by introducing the NetLink Softphone (NetLink SP) application. The NetLink SP application allows voice-enabled mobile devices to function as full-featured business telephones integrated with an enterprise telephone system. NetLink SP operates as a thin client, offering optimised performance both over the wireless LAN and on the
handheld device.

NetLink SP is a mobile application that runs on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 and PocketPC operating systems. It works in conjunction with SpectraLink’s NetLink Telephony Gateway using SpectraLink Radio Protocol (SRP), a lightweight protocol developed specifically to provide optimal performance and voice quality over converged wireless networks. The NetLink Telephony Gateway’s digital interface technology makes it possible to extend the advanced features and functions of a company’s telephone switch, such as call transfer, conferencing and voicemail integration, to the end-user device.

The NetLink SP softphone also supports text messaging through SpectraLink’s Open Application Interface (OAI), integrating with applications such as customer service call boxes and inventory management systems.

“An increasing range of enterprise-grade devices support voice over Wi-Fi, as well as third-party software applications. However, integrating these products with companies’ existing telecoms infrastructure is not a trivial task – it requires specialist VoWLAN handset skills to manage QoS, and a deep understanding of corporate voice platforms to enable a good user experience,” said Dean Bubley of Disruptive Analysis. “SpectraLink has considerable expertise in both these areas, and so its soft client strategy fits well with recent trends in handheld technology.”

“We are continuing to deliver on the promise of enterprise wireless telephony with the NetLink SP application,” said John Elms, SpectraLink president and CEO. “We’re giving customers more choice in the devices they deploy to make their mobile employees more responsive and productive while leveraging their telephone and Wi-Fi network investments.”

The NetLink SP application is initially targeted at retail enterprises with support for Symbol Technologies’ MC50 and MC70 devices, although additional devices are expected to be supported with future releases. The NetLink Telephony Gateway provides analogue and digital telephone station integration with most traditional circuit-switched enterprise PBX systems, and supports both the SpectraLink NetLink Wireless Telephones and third-party devices utilising the NetLink SP application.

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