Leeds Council Count on Sabio

The UK’s second largest council – Leeds City Council – has secured additional value following the renewal last year of its three-year technology support contract with Sabio, the contact centre integration specialist. Sabio structured the support agreement to unlock further savings by providing extended coverage for the telephony support services the contact centre now provides to additional Leeds City Council departments, as well as advanced technology support for the Council’s contact centre operation.

Under the support agreement, Sabio provides ongoing services and maintenance for the Council’s contact centre infrastructure and telephony architecture. Sabio ensures that the key Avaya Communication Manager solution and Verint workforce optimisation technologies deployed within the contact centre perform optimally and continue to deliver increased value for the Council over the course of the contract. Sabio is providing additional support for the contact centre’s advanced Interactive Voice Recognition solution, and is also upgrading the Council’s core Avaya ACD platform as part of the contract.

“With any public sector contract it’s imperative that we secure best value for money,” commented Barry Ibbetson, Head of Contact Centre operations for Leeds City Council. “Sabio clearly has an in-depth understanding of our contact centre infrastructure and our different Avaya and Verint solutions, and they’re also committed to helping us manage our technology platform as efficiently as possible.

“Central to Sabio’s approach was its commitment to incorporating additional value into the contract, including integrated ongoing support for our Avaya Interactive Voice Recognition solution, as well as upgrades to our Avaya hardware and software,” continued Barry. “Sabio has also worked closely with our in-house contact centre team, and is supporting us in our drive to ensure an effective skills transfer programme over the course of the project. Another key development is Sabio’s support in helping extend our telephony capabilities to other key Council departments, including our IT helpdesk and the Revenue department.”

“Since first helping the Council launch its contact centre operation in 2006, Sabio has provided an efficient one stop support service right across the core contact centre technologies used by the council. The fact that Leeds City Council renewed its support contract with Sabio demonstrates the value we continue to provide in terms of offering a single support source for its key Avaya, Nuance and Verint solutions, as well as our ability to deliver increased service levels over the course of the project,” added Andy Roberts, Sabio’s Commercial Director. “We’re delighted to have been chosen to support the core technology platform that powers Leeds City Council’s contact centre operations, and we’re actively helping the Council to optimise its use of technology, secure continuous performance improvements, and provide a reliable and cost-effective infrastructure for its expanding customer contact activities.”

Sabio has been an accredited Avaya Platinum Business Partner for the last seven years, and has over ten years’ experience in supporting solutions from Verint. Sabio’s own Service Centre infrastructure handles over 95 percent of customer calls in-house, ensuring that its trained support staff get to resolve customer issues rather than simply acting as a call handler between a customer’s IT operation and the solution vendor. Sabio offers its breadth of technology skills across 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support activities, and delivers full 24x7x365 support across its multiple Avaya, Verint and Nuance solutions.

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