LINX Strengthens Peering Network with Geo Fibre

Geo, a provider of dedicated fibre networks, has announced that it will be providing the London Internet Exchange (LINX), one of the world’s largest Internet Exchange Points, with a diverse dedicated fibre ring between four strategic London data centres. These connections will enable LINX to provide its members with greater capacity and an increased network reach.

LINX has in excess of 280 members including many leading telcos and large content providers who exchange traffic through peering. Geo was selected by LINX to create a dedicated fibre ring within London encompassing Equinix Slough, Telecity Powergate, and Interxion. This provides LINX members with the opportunity to plan the development of their London networks more effectively using connections with capacity ranging from 100Mb/s – 10 Gb/s.

“We chose to work with Geo because of the diversity and security of the routes they provided running through the London sewers, as well as their availability at all of our required sites,” commented Raza Rizvi, a member of the LINX Board. ”Geo managed to provide us with a highly effective solution at a very competitive price.“

“Geo is delighted to be able to provide exceptional value to LINX and its members with its dedicated fibre solution,” added Chris Smedley, Chief Executive, Geo. “The new connections will not only allow existing members to build and expand their networks in London, but will facilitate new entrants into the market and encourage new members to benefit from excellent peering connectivity.”

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