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According to call recording company Liquid Voice, SIP represents a major step forward for our industry and for end-users but market growth has been limited by the failings of existing products to integrate seamlessly across a blended analogue and digital environment.

“It is clear, particularly in the last couple of years, that the failings of traditional call recording products have held back growth,” says Chris Berry, business development director of Liquid Voice. “The inability of existing products to deliver functionality across a blended comms environment has frustrated end-users and created a host of technical and sales problems for resellers”.

To date, there have been issues surrounding the ability to leverage the potential of all SIP features, mainly to do with some areas of connectivity and the fact that many existing applications have been retrospectively engineered to offer SIP compatibility.

“Some resellers have invested heavily in SIP and now lead exclusively with it but many are still sticking to Basic Rate and ISDN30 line provision with some SIP. functionality bolted-on but this is far from an ideal working solution, both for the reseller and the end-user,” says Berry.

“With this type of ‘hotch-potch’ set-up, when it comes to a function such as call recording, end-users can only record calls over their digital lines and not over their analogue lines. Most big-brand PBX allow you to record your SIP calls but only if you’re using a pure IP-based network.

“The opportunities around SIP are growing daily: increasing numbers of resellers are recognising its potential while more and more end-users are now asking about it. But the market cannot grow if the industry continues with the current approach that’s been forced upon it by the lack of pure, integrated applications. Our industry and the business community want a single, easy-to-install and use call recording product that does it all across digital and analogue environments”.

Liquid Voice call recording products have been designed from ground-up to address the new SIP environment and integrate seamlessly with the new digital communications age. “Our Liquid Recording products, first developed over nine years ago, deliver full functionality across all platforms no matter what blend of communications you’re using, be it analogue, ISDN30, IP or SIP,” says Berry.

The power of Liquid Voice products has been recognised by resellers who are now switching from long-established relationships with traditional vendors and carrying Liquid Recording products in their portfolio. “Our multi-format functionality makes call recording much easier to sell as resellers can be confident of being able to deliver exactly what the end-user wants. This is highlighted by the fact we continue to see significant sales growth generated by our existing partners and from the new resellers that are joining our channel programme each month,” says Berry.

“It has taken a long time to get to this point in market development and much good work has been done to date in the SIP applications arena. Innovations such as Liquid Voice call recording products, designed specifically for the new digital environment, will now help to significantly increase growth in this market”.

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